Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sorry for the delay...

Sorry for the delay, but I just realized I never updated the end of our last trip to Boston.  Jacob's recovery was great, once he was released from the hospital.  Those first couple days were rough, but he bounced back so fast.  It made a huge difference in his pain that the work they did in and around his pleura stayed sealed.  I am so thankful for that.  Here are some pictures of our last couple days in Boston. He was feeling so good, we were able to get out and about a little bit...

After 2 failed attempts, we finally got to ride the swan boats in the Boston Public Garden!

We traveled home without a hitch, and life has kept moving as usual.  We have been so busy, I have had little time to update, but here's how Jake has spent the last few weeks since our trip...

Please continue to pray for Jake.  We go back to Boston July 17-27 for his next treatment/surgery. Please pray for us as we will be taking the whole family this time. We just got finalized the details of getting our flights, where to stay, etc.  It has been quite a challenge this time around with all 6 of us going, but we are so thankful its going to work out.  Many details had to fall into place for this to happen, but it was our desire for the older 2 kids to get to come, and experience this with us.  Please pray that the trip will go smoothly for all our children.  We are hoping to fit in a good bit of "play time," and to get to explore the city with our oldest 2, and have some fun all together.  We do have several appointments this time, in addition to the surgery.  I am concerned about what we will learn during these, as I am hearing some things from our doctors that have me worried.  I want to forget sometimes what a continuing battle this will be for our Jake.  Pray we will learn what we need to and make the right decisions for him to get the very best of care.  Pray for me that I will not be overcome with worry about his future, and stay grounded in the present.  Pray for Jacob and his continued health, and for us to enjoy "today's miracle!"  Love to all of you...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Asa!

Today my eldest turns 9. NINE! I'm not sure how this happened.  I was just a girl when I had you, Asa.  I took care of babies for a living, but was naive to the realities of 24/7 motherhood.  I didn't know the true meaning of the word "tired." Nor did I completely understand the whole meaning of the word "love."  I had heard a thousand times how you'd love someone so much you had never met.  But I still didn't understand until you.  I loved you since I knew you were there.  When my stomach was still flat, and no one else knew of you yet, I loved you.  Then you grew and grew, and so did I!

And then you were here.  Crying, wet, angry, and beautiful.

I finally understood.  I loved you so much.

You came along and turned our world upside down in the best way.  You were such a good baby.  We had so much fun together.  I will always cherish those years you were an only child.


 Our lives are fuller because of our family and your siblings, but I will always be thankful for my time with just you.  You taught me so much. We explored every day together, and I saw everything in a new light because it was new to you.

And I have yet to come across a such a joyous toddler.  Everyone would always comment about what a great laugh you had.  Such a joyful belly laugh, and you shared it often, along with your "jokes."

Then  you were a big brother.  I had no idea what a good one you would be.  Kind and patient, caring and loving.  You and Elena have such a unique relationship; never have I seen 2 siblings so close. Stay that way, son. Don't get too cool for your little sister. She is your best friend, and will always love you. She thinks you hung the moon, don't change her mind.

And I couldn't be prouder of how you are with your little brothers.  Always watching out for them, helping them, helping me! You are amazing, Asa.  Your tender heart and care for them is something I will always cherish.  And Jacob already wants to be just like you.  What a good example you are to him.  I am so proud of you.

Above all else, Asa, I love who you are.  Exactly who you are.  Not all the nice things you do, but simply who you are.  I imagined what you would be like before you were born, but didn't scratch the surface of you.  Your sharp mind, quick wit, caring heart, love for life and its simplicities.  I love to hear your thoughts and opinions on anything and everything, but am sobered as I realize how you are growing up.  I no longer hear every thought that comes into your head.  You think carefully, measure your words, and share only what you choose to.  I know this is the way of things, part of growing up.  But your maturity for being only 9 is hard on this mama's heart at times.  But I love you, son.  Never would I wish you not to grow up, for that would be selfish.  I wish nothing but the fullest life for you, my eldest.  The best of things this beautiful world has to offer.  For you deserve it.  You gave me the name Mommy.  Made me who I am.  I loved you since I saw you take your first breath.  I will love you til I take my last one. Happy Birthday, Asa.